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Learn to turn raw data into valuable insights from the industry's best.

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At Playfair Data, our mission is to be the best resource for turning raw data into valuable insights. Playfair Data TV is a premier video training resource for learning Tableau, data visualization, analytics, and strategy.

Visitors can preview all video content and one full-length video for each of our eight tracks below. Our monthly subscribers and lifetime members enjoy unlimited access to our entire library, a personal account dashboard, no video ads, and more. New video tutorials are added every single month!

Your Path to Master Tableau

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Technical Features

Tableau comes out of the box with dozens of technical features. Learn Tableau’s capabilities and how these features can improve your data analyses.

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You’ll learn how to tie together individual worksheets into a cohesive dashboard view. Along the way, Ryan will share some of his favorite tactics.

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It’s not enough to master the tactics in Tableau. In this track, Ryan will walk you through three different strategic frameworks for Tableau to maximize the effectiveness of your data visualizations.

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There are some intangible aspects of data visualization that must be considered to make your work as actionable as possible. This track provides tips for applying storytelling techniques to your dashboards.

Simply no better data visualization and analytics software.

Tableau Data Visualization Software

As of 2018, Tableau has been a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for six consecutive years. There is simply no better data visualization and analytics software to learn today.


What our members have to say about the content.

It’s been a tremendous pleasure to have Ryan help us boost our Tableau skills. His ability to engage the audience and present a complex material in a simple and understandable way was noted and highly commented by the team.

Ryan's training will alleviate all of the insecurities you feel using Tableau.

It’s a practice of mine to learn from those who are the best at what they do; clearly, Ryan is at the top of his field when it comes to data visualization and analysis in Tableau.